Statement from SMWIA GP Nigro On American Jobs Act

Last night, President Obama displayed the leadership America needs by outlining a strong agenda to get America back to work. Action is needed on these proposals now to get America moving again.

 The ball is now in Congress’s court. The American people are watching closely to see whether conservative politicians will play politics with these proposals to turn around the national jobs crisis.

The American people will not stand for another debate that is bogged down in inside the beltway politics, like the disgrace witnessed in the debt ceiling negotiations. Tax giveaways to corporations who do their hiring overseas and the protection of subsidies for Big Oil have no place in this debate.   Only a laser-like focus on a n effective jobs plan like that proposed by President Obama will bring certainty to millions of Americans concerned about their economic situation.

The Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association stands by President Obama and his jobs plan and will hold those accountable who seek to detour his effort to stir employment through the American Jobs Act.  Now is the time for all of us to ask our US Senators and Representatives to have the will to do what’s right for working people.























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