The main purpose of the Jurisdictional Department is to perpetuate the performance and dignity of the Sheet Metal trade from generation to generation. Through the efforts of the Department Staff, both in the field and in the office headquarters in Washington, D. C., this department services local unions throughout the United States, Canada and Puerto Rico in all matters of work jurisdiction. The department also handles other issues affecting SMWIA members and local unions directed by the General President and the General Secretary Treasurer of the Sheet Metal Workers' International Association.

The Department maintains jurisdictional records on sheet metal assignments supplied by local unions, decisions and agreements of record, arbitration cases and court decisions. The Jurisdictional Department is the direct representative for the General President in all matters involving the Plan for Settlement of Jurisdictional Disputes.

This is only a limited explanation of the role of the Jurisdictional Department. The overall mission is to service the local unions and SMWIA membership efficiently to maintain our craft and the quality of life for our membership and their families.















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